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Art Every Day Month Challenage

This month I’m participating in the Art Every Day Month Challenge. I like this challenge because I don’t have to complete a piece of work everyday, but I do have to work on it everyday.


Today I started an art journal spread. I love the idea of journaling, writing everyday, but I’m not very good at actually doing it. I’ve concluded that I really don’t like the idea that what I write will be read by anyone. So today after I journaled a whole page I covered it with white paint and collage bits. Words, worries and questions got out of my head and onto paper with no chance of them ever being read again.

AEDM Day 1.jpg

Tomorrow I will add more paint and whatever else needs to be there. Maybe I will finish it, maybe I won’t, gratefully for this challenge I don’t have to complete a project in one sitting and that suits me just fine.

Tammy VanAntwerp