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Why I'm Giving Away 5% of My Sales

Ever since I started my business I knew I wanted to give a percentage of my sales to a charity. My goal was to find an organization that helps women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I found a couple of charities that give assistance to women of domestic violence and sexual assault, both of which are great charities, but they were not the right fit for me.

On Christmas day an organization called The Younique Foundation started following my daughter on Instagram. She knew I was looking for a charity to support so she shared the information with me.

From The Younique Foundation website:

Have you ever seen a problem affecting the world and thought,  “somebody needs to do something about this?”  We believe every person has the power to be a force for change. Each of us can look at a problem and think,

“somebody needs to do something… but that somebody could be me.”

1 in 4 women are sexually abused before the age of 18… 1 in 4! There are so many who are silent victims of childhood sexual abuse, somebody needs to help bring this out of the silence, somebody needs to support, encourage and empower these women.

Through The Younique Foundation I choose to be somebody!

Art has helped me heal old wounds, it has calmed my anxiety and has given me great confidence. The least I can do is choose to be somebody who has the power to be a force for change!

By supporting me and purchasing my art you are also choosing to be somebody!

Tammy VanAntwerp