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Definition of mandala

1: a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe; specifically a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side that is used chiefly as an aid to meditation

2: a graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or bearing a multiple projection of an image

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

I use mandalas for mediation, healing and problem solving.

While creating a mandala, I find myself entering a very calm and meditative state where I can ask for guidance in answering any questions I have surrounding an issue I’m dealing with. Using color and repetitive patterns, I find myself really zoning in and focusing on my thoughts and ideas. As an anxious person, the meditative effects of mandala creation and gazing calms my anxiety helping my mind and body stay healthy.

Before creating mandalas on vinyl records, I drew them in notebooks and on paper and only showed them to my immediate family.  As I became more confident and begun using vinyl records, I started giving them away as gifts. Every person I gave one too told me I should start selling them.

Each is a unique, one of a kind piece (flaws included) that will make a lovely addition to your art collection and an exceptional gift.